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Therefore on your own bumped into that impressive woman or rugged man again on the subway — your ...
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In limbo, and slightly scared

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Right People, Right Reasons

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Profile PictureSam Worthy - 08. Januar 2020, 15:42

You see, while taking a break from all the gawking I was doing, I fell into casual conversation with the female half of TDL.

Profile PictureSam Worthy - 08. Januar 2020, 15:42

They made the decision to open up their relationship and look for subs to play with on their own or together. And that’s where little ole me comes in.

Profile PictureSam Worthy - 26. Dezember 2019, 13:13

If they’re a negative force on my life, it’s okay to not take part… right?” I had quite a bit of difficulty in coming to terms with that this year, but found enormous relief in coming to the realisation that family are the people you form in your own heart – you’re right. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas too :)

Profile PictureSam Worthy - 20. Dezember 2019, 15:18

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Profile PictureSam Worthy - 19. Dezember 2019, 17:08

I think there’s a lesson there – if you want to succeed at something, even if you’re not popular, even when people are actively trying to take you down – instead of succumbing to defeat or retaliation, prove them all wrong and just be brilliant.

Profile PictureSam Worthy - 19. Dezember 2019, 17:08

Well in England’s case yesterday, it didn’t work. Germany latched onto those tiny windows of opportunity, defying a crowd of 40,000 supporting the rivals, and won spectacularly.